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Academy of Innovation (SOLS24/7 Malaysia)

Malaysia is a contrasted country. Kuala Lumpur is rich and other big cities are pretty impressive with huge skyscrapper like the Petronas tower but outside of these cities, you can reach the jungle so fast where no water neither electricity are available. We visit both side and actually, even in […]

Kamala Beach School (Phuket)

Kamala school in phuket I’m sure you have heard of Phuket, Thailand; particularly its beaches which are known all around the world around. It’s Thailand’s Malibu…a perfect tourist destination! Yet there is more to Phuket than the beaches, luxury resorts and restaurants. Phuket has a vibrant culture and friendly local […]

Opportunity in Bodh Gaya

Never heard about Bodh Gaya? That’s the place where Buddha himself got his enlightenment. There are a few schools and a lot of children in Bodh Gaya. The teachers are under skilled and you can provide your help if you want to experience a different way to live. 🙂 Bodh […]

Our first partners need volunteers !

We have met the coordinator of two important organizations in the province of Battambang in Cambodia : Rural Orphan Organization : it’s not an orphanage but an association giving lessons of english and computer to children in the countryside of Battambang. Currently, they have 712 students in 4 different places […]