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Rise above Cebu

Cebu is the capital of Visayas, the central region of the Philippine Archipelago. It is well known not only for its Lechon, roasted pig, but also for its fun activities including zip lines, swimming up close with whale sharks, locally known as Butanding and its grand festival, the Sinulog. Cebu […]

Maria : SOLS volunteer

Maria has just finished her Master in Law in Madrid, Spain. During her school she used to help in community center. Before going from school to work, she wanted to experience something different, so she contacted SOLS 24/7 and became a volunteer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She¬†arrived in October, four […]

Opportunity in Bodh Gaya

Never heard about Bodh Gaya? That’s the place where Buddha himself got his enlightenment. There are a few schools and a lot of children in Bodh Gaya. The teachers are under skilled and you can provide your help if you want to experience a different way to live. ūüôā Bodh […]

Unang Hakbang’s Community Summer Peer Tutorial Program

Even during summer season in the the Philippines, Unang Hakbang still continues to work and serve the children in the community. They organise peer-tutorial programs yearly in different communities – in Mandaluyong, and in Pampanga. The goal of this program is simple – to prepare the children in the upcoming […]

SK Tiga Papan, a Humble School in The Tip of Borneo

After meeting a couple of NGOs in the Philippines, E4A decided to continue their search for partner organisations in Sabah, Malaysia. E4A started their search in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan. However they did not find any local NGOs in the region that are linked to educational projects. Fortunately in the […]

Unang Hakbang Foundation, Our First Partner in the Philippines

E4A first visited Unang Hakbang Foundation last March to talk about how the two organisations can help together in promoting education in the country. And now that E4A is back in the Philippines, they decided to make another visit to their first partner in the country. People behind Unang Hakbang […]

NGOs in Metro Manila, Philippines

After looking for partners in Cambodia, Education for Asia flew to the Philippines for the same reason – to help and work with local NGOs. E4A sent emails to all existing NGOs in Metro Manila whose activities, projects and programs are related to education. Unfortunately only two of those organisations […]

Visiting Khmer for Khmer Organisation

Education for Asia, E4A, first visited Cambodia on August in search for partner organisations. During this first visit, E4A have already met with various organisations in the country and have made partnerships with Rural Orphan Organisation (RRO) and Puthi Komar Organisation (PKO). Both these organisation are based in Battambang. However, […]

Partnership with Spitler School Foundation

Education for Asia aka E4A has been busy for the past few months visiting various countries in the South East Asia¬†to look for new partner organisations. This month of February, E4A has been to Cambodia and has met with a couple of organisations to¬†discuss how E4A can work with them¬†and […]

Vindrae: A firm with a cause

Vindrae is a firm based in Hong Kong that handles different projects and deals with various associations across the globe. Through these projects, Vindrae is able to help by donating 20% of its total revenue to the organisation. Vindrae works with cultural projects in Belgium and in France such […]