Educationforasia is a NGO based in Brussels, inside The Lab

The Lab is a socioentrepreneur HUB (58-60 Rue de Laeken 1000 Bruxelles). Thanks to its activities, the 2 administrators can travel around Asia to find new partners. These 2 administrators, Vincent and Aundrae are still managing The Lab.

Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions for education in Asia through sending volunteer or developing projects.


The process

  1. We find wannabe partner NGO
  2. We meet them
  3. We write an agreement
  4. We send them volunteers
  5. The NGO can select if they want him or not

Everything is totally free.

The profile of our volunteer

We get around 10 resume every weeks of volunteers wanting to volunteer with us. They are as eclectic as internet is as they come directly from Google. We get a lot of “just out of school” people but sometime we get architect or dentist !

We are focused on 3 months to 1 year mission.

The profile of the NGO

Any NGO linked with education is eligible except orphanage

We ask for the NGO to provide food and lodging for the volunteer. Defrayal is appreciated but not required.

Sustainability projects

we have launch dozen of social entrepreneur projects. As you can see on The Lab home page, we still use 8 of these. Thank to this experience we can help you to make your projects alive. We can provide free consultancy to develop your project and visibility on web or in Belgium. Contact us for more details.

Sewing workshop

We believe that one of the biggest problem about education is that the parents don’t send their kids to school because of poverty. So we want to provide them good job., the widest french speaking private sewing school is managed by the same staff as Educationforasia. It’s just classes but a lot of people call us to sew for events or even shop. We would like to make partnership with Asian NGO to start fair trade production.

The process would be simple

  1. You contact us
  2. We meet you
  3. We send you a prototype of a Belgian design cloth
  4. You send the copy that you team did to Belgium with a quotation
  5. We send the fabrics and 50% of the cash
  6. You send the result and we pay after seing the result

The aim is to cut the price in 3 : One third for the work, one third for the local NGO, one third for us. It’s far from the big brand that are used to sell with huge margin but it’s sustainable 🙂